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Reifen & Felgen für US Fahrzeuge - US Cars Center Köln

On US automobiles, tires and rims are not nearly taken as seriously as in Europe; of course, it makes a difference whether you drive an average of 100 km/h on a highway or race with 200 km/h on the autobahn and equipped with tires of the wrong speed class or even with repaired and patched tires which is strongly forbidden in Germany.

In case you’re not sure whether your US automobile has the right tires, just ask at US Cars Center. We’ll be glad to assist you and in case you need them, would also get you the right set of new tires. Changing to new tires, balancing, proper disposal of the old tires all can be done expertly for you at our Service Department. Furthermore, we are a recognized partner-company of OXIGIN and carry a full assortment of classy rims for cars of all kinds.

Would you like us to provide you with an offer of competitively priced new tires? Just tell us what kind of tires you are looking for, making use of the tire contact form, and we’ll get back with you promptly.