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Umrüstung von US-Fahrzeugen - US Cars Center Köln

In general, who does actually know that the US version of a Nissan Murano has about 300 parts that differ from the European version? Only an expert like US Cars Center can tell you which ones need to be converted and which ones are also legally acceptable in Germany.

In short, the conversion of US-vehicles to the European standard is a difficult subject. So what really counts is: Experience!

In Germany, hardly anyone may be found who can compete with US Cars Center in this respect. Therefore, we are proud to maintain that with regard to Section 21 StVZO – Motor Vehicle Inspection and Certification (TÜV), we are the experts.

No matter whether you are looking for vehicle specifications, a certificate for the lighting or exhaust system, we know where and how to obtain these data and which conversion measures must be performed on the vehicles, in order, for example, to get an optimal emissions group classification. An Overview compiled by the ADAC (General German Automobile Club), which you will find here, shows the essential steps and gives you an idea of what US Cars Center can accomplish for you.

Umrüstung von US Fahrzeugen - US Cars Center Köln

As part of the conversion, US Cars Centers additionally can offer you any amount of services, such as retro-fitting and/or after-market equipment installation of hands-free telephone systems, immobilizers, navigation systems, undercoating, and body cavity protection, which you can have installed by our service department before taking delivery of your new vehicle. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized estimate.

Interested in calculating the amount of motor vehicle tax for your new vehicle? Please click here.