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US Fahrzeuge - US Cars Center Köln

With nearly 25 million registrations per year, the US-market is about twice as large as the entire Western European market.

Pick-Ups account for about half of the sales, a big difference to the European market.

Besides that, Americans usually have a completely different idea about size and optional equipment for their cars; hence, one should probably first think about what kind of car is actually suitable for import to Europe.

As far as US Cars Center is concerned, this would include all US-automobile models that are already offered on the European market, e.g. Jeep Cherokee, Chrysler 300M or Ford Mustang. Since in Germany these cars are usually sold by manufacturers in very small numbers – and, usually, at very high cost, you rarely find a used car on the German market; therefore, the import of US-cars is a reasonable and attractive alternative.

US-Fahrzeuge - US Cars Center Köln

Additionally, there are many automobiles or models in the USA that are officially not brought on the European market. Chrysler Aspen, Lincoln Aviator, Pontiac Solstice (the US version of the Opel GT), etc. are beautiful and very unique cars that you would probably never see in Europe, unless you buy them through US Cars Center. We import most American cars on our own account, convert them to European standards and sell them out of our Showroom in Cologne with complete warranty – at an extremely attractive price.

In our program, we offer new cars as well as fairly new pre-owned cars that are offered at very favorable prices due to the large competitive market in the USA. It would be the easiest for you to find a car in our current inventory, which is generally located at our Cologne facility. You can take it for a ride and it’s ready to be registered in your name.