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Another way to a perfect car is the so-called Self-Import. However, we would only recommend this method for the experienced car buyer. In any case, our company would still offer you advice and assistance.

Hereby, the most important difference as compared with an import through US Cars Center is the fact that in case of Self-Import, you yourself would purchase your new automobile in the US, i.e., the actual purchase, purchase agreement, and payment for the automobile are your responsibility. You would be using US Cars Center only for picking up the car in the US, the transportation, getting it through Customs and, if you desire, accomplish the necessary conversion to European standards and get the automobile technically certified (TÃœV).

This way, you can rest assured that your new dream car arrives safely and through regular customs handling in Bremerhaven, Cologne or at another place of your choice. Self-Import makes sense especially if you are in the US in search for a rarity or want to buy an oldtimer/vintage car.

The Online Calculator below will give you a rough idea about what costs will be involved when you import a car yourself and which steps may be taken care of for you by US Cars Center. The exact costs, of course, especially for the conversion, can only be calculated on an actual vehicle and may vary considerably among various models.

Click here for the Online Calculator.