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Here is the up-to-date LPG-Conversion Calculator

Engine Size
Gasoline consumption Liter /100 km
approx. km/l performance km / year
Gasoline price Cent / Liter
LPG-Price Cent / Liter
Please note: for figures with commas, please use periods for separating.
Approx. Installation Costs
LPG is calculated according to approx. figures
Savings in 1 year approx.
Savings in 2 year approx.
Savings in 3 year approx.
Savings in 4 year approx.
Savings in 5 year approx.
Savings in 6 year approx.
Savings in 7 year approx.
Please note that these are only approximate figures, since both the gasoline consumption and the fuel prices are not constant. For exact installation costs, please ask us for a quote.