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Conversion to LPG [Liquefied Petroleum Gas]

Traditionally, Americans have been of the opinion that Diesel is for trucks and gasoline for regular cars. This is why on the US market Diesel-powered cars are very hard to find. Only more recently, partially due to the rising gasoline prices, this opinion has become less prevalent. But for most of the US automobiles, now as before, you can expect a high displacement, high engine torque and a correspondingly high consumption of gas.

Therefore, many of our customers have their new automobiles converted to operation with gas using LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Until the year 2018 the price of LPG is well subsidized from a tax standpoint and at present lies more than 50% below comparable gasoline prices. A car that uses 14 liters, for example, from a fuel cost point of view, would therefore be comparable to running a small car. Hence, the investment for an LPG-system often pays for itself already in the second year of operation. Check our comparative calculator to see how much you could save.

US Cars Center offers a trouble-free conversion of your automobile for operation with liquefied gas. In doing so, it is important that all automobile warranties remain intact and that your automobile is not subject to any limitations. Let’s just talk about it, we are happy to provide you with an estimate – By the way, also for any automobile that has a four-stroke gasoline engine. For additional information concerning operation of automobiles with LPG, please click here.

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